/ / Adamske Abbey: photos, description Abbaye d Hautecombe)

Adamske Abbey: photos, description Abbaye d Hautecombe)

The Abbey of Hautecombe, situated on the banks of lake Bourget, opposite the resort of AIX-Les-Bains and are known primarily as the burial place of the counts of Savoy. This ruling dynasty in the Middle ages helped the monastery patronage, through which the monastery flourished and had considerable influence in the region.

Adamske Abbey belonged to different Catholic orders: the first monks were Cistercian, in the twentieth century, it was occupied by the Benedictines, but was forced in the 90 years to leave the monastery because of the growing flow of tourists who were interested in one of the deepest and largest lakes of France and its surroundings.

The monastery was founded in the early XII century by the monks of the Abbey of Halle, which was on the shores of lake Geneva, is now owned by Switzerland. After a couple of decades the Abbey of Hautecombe moved to the land given to him by the count of Savoy Amédée Third. Even ten years later, the monks of the Activities themselves have already established a subsidiary resident in the Italian town Lazio, which has become known as the place of death of the philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas.

In the XVIII century the Abbey was reconstructed, but the revolution freed the monastery from the monks and sold it to private individuals who converted the monastery into a factory for the manufacture of faience.

The revival of the Abbey occurred in 1824, when the king of Sardinia, Carl Felix bought it, financed the restoration work and the construction of the chapel, which was appointed by the tomb. In addition to Charles Felix and his wife in the Abbey were buried by his ancestors: three of count Amédée the Great, Green, and Red, Beatrice of Savoy and others, as well as the last king of Italy Umberto the Second, whose funeral was held at the Abbey in 1983. Because of so many crowned dead the Abbey of Hautecombe is compared with the Abbey of Saint-Denis - the burial place of the monarchs of France.