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Of autoire: photo, description, Autoire)

Of autoire is a picturesque old village in the South of France, region MIDI - Pyrenees. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are about 340 people.

Interestingly the origin of the name of the settlement. Some sources claim that it is related to Occitan dialect, and means "water reservoir" or "aqueduct". However, other experts believe that the name is rooted in the ancient history of the town - it is believed that the word "autoire", it converted the name "Altadore", which when translated from the Celtic language means "citadel" or "fortress".

The history of this town is quite vague. It is located in the medieval County of Quercy belonged to the counts of Toulouse. On top of the hill were traces of a fortified building, composed of residential areas and powerful defensive turrets. Around this castle grew up the village of Autoire. The fortress dates back to the XI-XII centuries and is currently half destroyed and belongs to a private person.

However, the town still preserved a lot of old buildings, including another castle, known as the Palace of Limal. It was built by the king of France by Charles VIII in the late fifteenth century. This graceful structure stands out as its main tower, consisting of five floors. Its summit offers splendid views of the surroundings. Moreover, there is a third castle, much smaller - it consists of only two floors. This Palace was built in the XVII century and was heavily rebuilt a hundred years later.

In the town there is also many religious buildings, notably the oldest Romanesque Church of saints Peter and Paul. It was built in the XI century, at the same time with the medieval castle.

In addition, the city has many old temples and mansions, which gives it a single, unique architectural appearance. By the way, Autoire is located near beautiful waterfalls that formed as a result of a descent of a glacier many millions of years ago.