/ / Pagoda of the Duke of Choiseul: photos, description (Pagode de Chanteloup)

Pagoda of the Duke of Choiseul: photos, description (Pagode de Chanteloup)

The pagoda, which is also called "the Madness of Choiseul" is the surviving part of the once magnificent, but the ruined castle in the Baroque style. In the XVIII century the castle belonged to the Duke of Etienne Francois Choiseul, former Minister of foreign Affairs at the court of king Louis XV. For successful activity in the field of foreign policy, as well as after accusations of opposition views, Choiseul was excommunicated from the yard and actually placed under "house arrest", received orders to settle in his estate in Chantelou.

Asking about the construction of the pagoda, the Duke turned to the architect Le Camus. The 44-metre structure was erected in three years, the author of the project gave the building of the Eastern longline shape, but filled her European "content" - in the interior of the tower you can see the elements of classicism, columns, balustrades, pilasters. The Duke of Choiseul considered his pagoda, a symbol of friendship, a dedication to those friends of mine who are not turned away from his disgraced friend.

The tower is composed of seven tiers, with each subsequent smaller than the previous one. The upper deck offers beautiful views of the Loire. Standing next to the tower of Chateau de Chantelou was so beautiful that the contemporaries of Choiseul compared it with Versailles - not only because of the size of the castle, but also because of luxury of its interior.

Unfortunately, after the death of the Duke in 1785 the castle many times changed its owners, resold, and ultimately was destroyed in the first half of the nineteenth century. Today the pagoda of the Duke of Choiseul has a quiet Park with a pond.

By the way, the Duke of Choiseul was able to come back to court under "house arrest". This was facilitated by the request of Queen Marie-Antoinette of Austria, wife of Louis XVI, who appreciated the Pro-Austrian foreign policy of the Duke. But to reach its former position and influence at the court of the Choiseul has failed.