/ / The monument to Joan of Arc: a photo, description Statue of Jeanne d'arc)

The monument to Joan of Arc: a photo, description Statue of Jeanne d'arc)

Monuments to Joan of Arc in Paris, the most famous of them mounted on a small square Pyramids that Rivoli. The square, located opposite the entrance to the Tuileries garden, named in memory of Napoleon's expedition to Egypt. On the eve of the Franco-Prussian war of 1871, the Republican government commissioned the sculptor Emmanuel frame the equestrian statue of Joan of Arc, to install it here. The monument was ready to 1874 and was very time - after the defeat in the war, the country began a Patriotic enthusiasm, every city wanted to have a monument to the virgin of Orleans.

With equestrian statue happened first incident: the sculptor did not consider the laws of optics, which is standing at the bottom of the people the figure of the rider seems less than it actually is. The figure of a warrior had to enlarge to fit the size of the horse.

Place for the monument was chosen not casually: nearby Jeanne was wounded during the unsuccessful siege of Paris. In the city there are two more equestrian statue of Joan - before the Church of Saint-Augustin and the square tower of Saint-Jacques, Hiking the monument at the Museum Virgin. In addition, the sculptural image of the Holy is in almost every Catholic Cathedral in the country. The monument on the square of the Pyramids - the most famous and simultaneously having the least artistic merit.

Jeanne is depicted in armour, with banner in hand, the figure of the rider and horse covered in shining gold leaf. Today the monument is the centre of attraction for Patriotic events of all kinds.

Joan of Arc, a simple peasant girl during the hundred years war XIV-XV centuries, saved France from English occupation. After a series of striking victories, was captured by the Burgundians who handed her over to the British. Burned at the stake as a witch. Subsequently rehabilitated and canonized is canonized by the Catholic Church.The national character of the French people. Every year on may 8 the whole of France celebrates Joan of Arc. The name of the Savior of the country called the cruiser-helicopter carrier, as well as the asteroid.