/ / A monument to Lord Broom: photos, description Statue de Lord Brougham)

A monument to Lord Broom: photos, description Statue de Lord Brougham)

A monument to Lord Broom is in the Alleys of Freedom Charles de Gaulle, face to the port - stone Lord looks at the masts of the yachts which are seen through the foliage of plane trees. A monument to the British in Cannes?

Two centuries ago, the coast lay a pitiful village. "Two or three streets inhabited almost exclusively by sailors and fishermen," a contemporary wrote. But in 1834, here accidentally stopped a British politician and orator Lord Henry Broome with his daughter Eleanor. From that moment the fate of Cannes has been solved.

Henry Peter, first Baron broom and Vaux, was a very curious figure in the then British political scene. Talented physicist and mathematician, he trained to be a career politician. Was one of the best speakers of his time, was passionately opposed to the slave trade, and for universal education. Many of his sayings have become in Britain's aphorisms, for example: "Educated people easy to lead but difficult to manipulate; they are easy to manage, but impossible to enslave." Thanks to the talent of writer and speaker he became a prominent figure in his youth. In 1810 he was elected to the House of Commons, in 1830, he became a peer of England and the Lord Chancellor - a brilliant career! However, in 1834 the Whig was not invited Broome to the Cabinet of Ministers. Offended, from that moment he did not join any one political force, remaining influential alone.

In December 1834 Broome took his daughter Eleanor for treatment in Italy. At the border they were stopped: the country's raging cholera. The travelers stayed in the coastal village. Morning broom toured fishing harbour, toured the nearby hills. The Englishman fell in love with "the delightful climate of Provence, its clear skies and refreshing breeze" - as he described these places. He soon bought a plot of land to the West of Le Suquet and built here for his daughter's Villa. In 1839, however, Eleanor died, and the broom settled in his "castle". Behind him in Cannes rushed aristocracy: here it has become fashionable to relax, to build luxurious mansions. Broome has used all his influence for the construction of the port. In the former settlement of investment went, there was a large hotel. In 1863 came the railroad - for many years Broome has fought for the construction of the station in Cannes.

Incredibly energetic Lord has made progress and suffered setbacks. He asked for French citizenship (but never received), defended in court accused of adultery the British Queen Caroline, was invented and became popular small wagon coupe. But the main business of life began Broome Cannes. He lived to be ninety years old, and by the time of his departure to the other world Cannes from a forgotten fishing village was transformed into an elegant resort and world-class. Villa Eleonora is still one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Lord is buried in the town cemetery Grand Jas. In 1878, the centenary of the birth of Bruma, the grateful citizens gave him a monument. The statue was carved by sculptor Paul Lennar. The sight of the Lord is harsh, the finger he points at some point at his feet as if to say: "there will be a great city."