/ / The monument to Marshal Joseph Gallieni: photos, description Monument a Joseph Gallieni)

The monument to Marshal Joseph Gallieni: photos, description Monument a Joseph Gallieni)

The monument to Marshal of France Joseph Gallieni is on the Vauban. The name Gallieni not too well known in Russia, but for Parisians it is a symbol of courage and hope. No wonder on the pedestal of the monument is written: "Joseph Gallieni - Paris".

Joseph Simon Gallieni graduated from the military Academy of Saint Cyr, served in the colonial army. Was Governor of Madagascar. In April 1914 he retired for health reasons, lived in his estate. The veteran was 65 years.

7 August 1914 Anglo-French part of the lost border battle with German troops. The Germans attacked in the bypass of Paris. The commander in chief Joffre believed that the need to take Paris and the Seine to impose on the enemy a decisive battle.

The Minister of war Messimy Joffre demanded the army defend the capital, but he remained silent. Then the Minister caused Gallieni and appointed him military commander of Paris. Part of the garrison of the capital was transferred to the army of General Manure. The government left the city. Responsible for the French capital fell on an elderly, terminally ill person.

Old soldiers showed courage, energy and prudence. Established aerial surveys. The radio station at the Eiffel tower led to the interception of German messages. Around Paris, dug trenches, set up artillery positions - the capital turned into a fortress. Realizing the possibility of its collapse, the commandant ordered mine some of the objects, including the Eiffel tower.

Gallieni first realized the Germans abandoned the plan coverage of Paris and turned East to take in a pincer movement the French army. Thus, they framed his flank under attack. Gallieni insisted on the strike forces of the army Manure. Joffre waited. British allies that Gallieni was hoping to convince do not have to talk with the elderly tired man with glasses. And then the commandant of Paris, began the movement of troops, without waiting for orders. Turned the battle of the Marne. In his critical time Gallieni was able to transfer from Paris 6000 fresh soldiers mobilized with the help of a Paris taxi - the Germans retreated.

Paris has resisted. In 1916 Gallieni again resigned and died. In 1921, he was posthumously awarded the rank of Marshal of France.

The monument to Marshal delivered at place Vauban in 1926 (by the sculptor Jean Boucher). The square in front of Les Invalides, the burial place of the great warriors of France, became a worthy place for the monument to the man who saved Paris.