/ / Monument to the fallen: photos, description (Monument aux morts)

Monument to the fallen: photos, description (Monument aux morts)

The memorial is an imposing monument located in the Alleys of Freedom Charles de Gaulle, between city hall and the old port.

Originally the memorial was dedicated to the soldiers of France who fell on the fronts of the First world war. Place for it was planned more, near railway station, in the competition for the best project involved local artists. But the municipality organized the second competition, which was won by the famous Parisian sculptor albert Scheer. Under the monument took more than a significant place near the Museum of natural history, a very beautiful neoclassical building, built in 1876 by architect Louis Durand. In 1941 moved city hall - so the monument was in a very official place of Cannes.

The monument was opened on 11 November 1927. Scheer carved a symbolic group of four exhausted soldiers (two infantryman, pilot, and sailor) are on the shield is an allegorical figure of winged Victory with a Laurel branch of peace in podnyatoy hand. On a high granite pedestal fixed eight bronze plaques with the names of the inhabitants of Cannes, who died in the war.

However, the list of citizens who died for France in the twentieth century was destined to last. In 1944, the surrounding city became the scene of battle with the Nazis during large-scale landing operation of the allies "Dragoon". August 15, American and French landed from the sea, between Toulon and Cannes - this area was within range of allied aircraft based in Corsica. At the same time, launched an offensive of the forces of Resistance. August 24, American and British paratroopers liberated Cannes.

After the Second world in French history was claimed many lives the war in Indochina and Algeria. Gradually, the monument near the city hall was seen as a monument to the residents of Cannes who fell in all wars.

Today, the day of liberation from Nazi invaders traditionally lay wreaths, where the solemn March of veterans. In 2013, a festive day past the monument defiled in a huge convoy of cars and armored vehicles world war II military jeeps, trucks, ambulances, armored personnel carriers, even a tank "Sherman" under the flags of the allies. Empty seats in the once formidable technique have been busy with fun kids and girls.

24 Aug in Cannes celebrated all - here remember how welcomed incoming to the city of American tanks. In the Windows then put the French flags, but the American citizens were not, and they immediately sewed from multi-coloured pieces of fabric.