/ / The monument to the writer Marcel Aime: photo description (Monument a l’ ecrivain Marcel Ayme)

The monument to the writer Marcel Aime: photo description (Monument a l’ ecrivain Marcel Ayme)

The monument to the French writer Marcel Aime in Montmartre looks very unusual: a two-meter bronze sculpture is only partially peeking out of the stone wall visible head, upper torso, right arm, right leg and left hand. This is brush polished to a Shine by the hands of countless tourists: legend has it that the handshake monument brings good luck.

Marcel aimé (1902-1967) is not too well known in Russia, but France knows him as the famous writer and playwright. His creative legacy is enormous: 17 novels, plays, short stories, tales, scripts, movies.

In 1943, the EME wrote one of his most famous stories - "Man through the wall." The hero of the story, modest official Dutiel, lived in Montmartre. He was remarkable for the fact that had the gift to easily pass through walls. In the story Dutiel first uses his gift to punish the chief of the ham, then a Bank robber and then begins an affair with a beautiful woman locks at home a jealous husband. When the officer leaves the bedroom of the beloved, the gift of his disappears, and he is forever immured in the wall.

Monument in Montmartre, fashioned by the famous actor Jean Marais, created in explanation of this story, but the sculpture imparted a resemblance with the character of the writer. Jean Mare decided for this work: Marcel aimé he had a long close friendship. Actor possessed a variety of talents, but especially gravitated to sculpture. Pablo Picasso got acquainted with the work Mare, wondered how a man with such a talent wasting his time on some movies, and work in the theatre".

Monument to Marcel aimé appeared in Montmartre in 1989. The installation place is not chosen accidentally: the writer as hero of his story, lived in the famous quarter for more than forty years. Square, on the corner of which there is a sculpture called now by his name.