/ / Monuments to the three Dumas: photo, description, Place du General Catroux)

Monuments to the three Dumas: photo, description, Place du General Catroux)

Probably nowhere in the world any more there is no area in which there are three monument close relatives. And in Paris this is. It bears the name of General Katra, but could be called the square of three Dumas there are monuments to writers Dumas the father and Dumas the son, and the oldest - father father - General Dumas. They do not crowd the neighborhood, the area is very large, in fact it is the intersection of two avenues. Monuments stand on the lawns around the intersection. So much that was enough for fourth statue - Sarah Bernhardt.

Alexander Dumas is very picturesque. This monument, built in 1883, was the last work of Gustave doré. On a high pedestal is in the chair is the author of "the Three Musketeers" with a satisfied smile on his lips, a pen in his hand. Downstairs on one side of the pedestal sits a motley company - barefoot working, young man of plebeian appearance and girl, reading them aloud a book of Dumas. On the other hand on the pedestal sat in the calling pose and with a naked sword the protagonist of Alexandre Dumas - d'artagnan.

A monument to Alexander Dumas-the son was raised in 1906 on the other side of the square. The sculptor rené de Saint-Marceau presented the playwright reflecting on the manuscript, also with the quill in his hand. Father and son are immortalized here not by chance, they lived near the father on the Boulevard Malesherbes, a son - on the Avenue Villiers.

The statue of the elder, General Dumas was erected in the square in 1913, after a long campaign fundraising, which led Anatole France and Sarah Bernhardt. The General was truly an outstanding personality. The son of a white nobleman and a black slave, one of the key figures of the French revolution, is not afraid to protect the innocent in the days of terror, the commander of Napoleon's army, a man of great physical strength and courage, he made a lot of war exploits and was a legend in his own time. After the Egyptian expedition he was taken prisoner in the Kingdom of Naples, and was thrown into prison, where they languished two years Napoleon was in no hurry to rescue his high, bold and daring General. In prison, the prisoner broke down in health after his return to France he lived only five years. The life of the eldest Dumas later inspired who adored his son on many subjects.

The monument to the General was destroyed by the Germans during the occupation. It did not recover, but in 2009 set a new, work Drissa San Aside: huge shackles with a broken chain.