/ / The papal Palace, Palais des papes d'avignon)

The papal Palace, Palais des papes d'avignon)

The majestic towers of the papal Palace can be seen from any point of Avignon, one of the most interesting cities of France. The papal Palace is in the Northern part of the city, near the Central square in Avignon is Place de l'horloge.

The papal Palace is the most important structure of the Gothic type of the middle Ages in Avignon. It is both a fortress and Palace, the papal residence, which he began in 1309, when Clement V, after the defeat of Pope Boniface VIII in the conflict with the king of France Philip IV the fair, moved to Avignon. In 1348 Pope Clement VI bought their property in Avignon, which belonged up to that time the counts of Provence.

The Palace consists of two architectural buildings: the Old Palace of Pope Boniface XII, this fortress situated on an impregnable rock Rock de House, and the New Palace, which was built under Pope Clement VI, the Pope who, more than all of the popes were fond of luxury. The architecture of the New Palace is the result of joint work of the best architects of France, such as Pierre Poisson and Jean du Louvre, as well as the greatest artists frascisco, followers of the Sienese school, Simone Martini and Matteo Giovanetti.

In addition, in the papal Palace of Avignon are the Papal library, which was started in 1318, it is the largest library in Europe of that era. Here are the most rare works of art of the greatest masters. The papal library has given the world a new name that we know how the names of the great artists. So, for example, by order of Pope Clement VI selection of works for the library do here, Francesco Petrarca, marked the beginning of humanism.