/ / The Park of the Futuroscope: photos, description (Futuroscope)

The Park of the Futuroscope: photos, description (Futuroscope)

The Futuroscope is the second most visited Park in France after Disneyland. This Park opened in 1987 in the vicinity of Poitiers, unusual: there are no banal roller coasters, major rides based on modern technologies and affect the human senses.

Already the external appearance of the buildings, built mainly from metal and glass, surprising: from the roof of the pavilion "Futuroscope" sticking in "TAPI-Magic" looks like a giant organ, "Cinemax" like grown up out of the land of grandiose crystals... Around futuristic bridges, mechanisms, structure. The visitor will automatically adjust to something extraordinary, and not in vain.

Several local theaters show 3D movies, but it's not just a movie: not only that the audience put on special glasses or helmets, and even the chairs vibrate and sway simultaneously happening on the screen. This creates an incredible effect: people think that they are really dodging giant insects, speeding in racing cars, flying above the earth with birds, swim under water with ichthyosaurs, jumping from trains at full speed. Not only children but also grown-UPS instinctively closed hands, recoil or trying to something to touch.

For those who don't want to spend the whole day at the cinemas (on the third or fourth film it's entertainment may seem a bit monotonous), there are other attractions. The very popular "Dancing with robots: huge robots to the music on the seven-meter height move seat strapped Braves, who themselves set the load level to gently circling or flailing wildly. "A journey in the dark" shows seeing how the blind perceive the world through smell, sound, touch. "Without carbon", the visitor is how it will look in environmentally friendly home of the future. But the most desperate drink champagne or fruit soda in the "Aerobar", dangling his legs in chairs at a height of almost 35 meters.

If kids want to stretch their legs in the fresh air, they can explore the green maze, beat the drums, ride on cars, shoot each other with water guns on a hot day is especially nice.

Each year one-fifth of all the rides updated, so you can come here on a regular basis, there will always be something new. The problem for tourists is often the French language - all the movies are on it. It and is clear: 94 per cent of visitors are French. But many rides don't require translation: to climb the rope pyramid or explore the lake on a huge tricycle is possible without knowledge of French. How to enjoy the water fireworks show starts after dark.