/ / Parque de Blossac: photos, description (Parc de Blossac)

Parque de Blossac: photos, description (Parc de Blossac)

Parque de Blossac is a favorite place of citizens and guests of the city, located in the South-Western outskirts of Poitiers, in the Old town. The Park was created in the middle of the XVIII century, its founder in 1753, became the Comte de Blossac former Royal intendant at the court of Louis XV. For the device of the Park had to clear the site and demolish several buildings.

Initially the Park was laid out in French style, but in the beginning of the last century its territory was also established English Park, with approximate area of about one hectare. In the rest of the French appearance of the Park has remained almost the same as it was in the days of the Comte de Blossac. In the English part of the Park you can find a small pond, a grotto, and cabanas, as well as the so-called "stone garden". Once one of the boundaries of the garden meant a stone city wall, which eventually collapsed. Instead of restoring the ruins of the walls, it was decided to use as element of landscape design and break on the rocks flower beds.

Also at the Park are a green theatre and a small zoo, where live several species of birds and small animals such as dwarf goats. Decoration of the Park serve marble sculptures, including the bust of the Comte de Blossac created by sculptor Raymond Sudron. In the Park you can see the sculpture of the XIX century "Lover lion" of the work of Hippolytus of Mendana

Very close to the Park is the ancient Church of the XIV century, Saint-Hilaire-Le-Grand, unusual from an architectural point of view: eight heavy domes of the Church resting on the additional columns. This design of the roof and pillars appeared after a fire destroyed the upper part of the Church in the XI century.