/ / Jouvet Park: photos, description (Parc Jouvet)

Jouvet Park: photos, description (Parc Jouvet)

Jouvet Park is one of the greenest corners of valence, located in the heart of the city on the banks of the Rhone. This is a great place for relaxation and walks, is surrounded by perhaps the most popular and picturesque sights of valence.

To enter the Park with three Avenue Gambetta, Maurice favr and Avenue of Provence. In the square Park of approximately seven hectares, a large collection of plants, including more than seven hundred species. In addition to flowers and trees, here you can find the fountains "dancing" to the music, picnic areas and children's games, children's railway, waterways and walking paths. There are often concerts and other cultural events. Age Jouvet Park is over a hundred years - it was opened in 1905.

Adjacent to Jouvet Park are the field of Mars with a gazebo Payne and castle ruins Crussol. Fishnet kiosk at Champ de Mars glorified the figure of the artist Raymond Payne, who portrayed her lover, the poet and his beloved, and then devoted the couple about six thousand drawings that brought fame to the artist.

Crussol castle, now in ruins, was built in the X century, of wood, and then it was rebuilt in the same place in stone two centuries later. The purpose of this fortress was to protect the valence and the rhône valley from the attacks of the Italians, so the castle was well fortified and could withstand a multi-day siege. Having stood in battle, the castle did not survive the test of time: after the XVI century, the Fort was abandoned in the XIX century was severely damaged by fire and gradually fell into its present deplorable state. Now its ruins towering on top of a high cliff over the Valence and attract the attention of guests.