/ / Park Sources: photos, description (Parc des sources)

Park Sources: photos, description (Parc des sources)

Thermal sources beating from under the ground at this world-famous Spa resort, was discovered in the first century BC, Near them there was founded a small settlement, which successfully grew and prospered, bringing the first of the Gauls and the Romans and then the Franks.

Wide fame came to Vichy at the end of the XVI century, when they began to arrive from all over France celebrities and members of noble families. The campers wrote from Vichy letters to friends and relatives, which described the medicinal properties of local waters and thereby contributed to the popularization of the resort. One of the most notable visitors of Vichy became the daughter of king Louis XV and Remolino Letitia, mother of Napoleon I., Upon their application to their senior relatives in Vichy developed resort infrastructure. So, Louis XVI ordered the construction of new baths at the end of the eighteenth century, and Napoleon I initiated the Park of the Springs in 1812. Participation in the development of the resort was also attended by the Emperor Napoleon III and other rulers of France.

To this day the Park of the Sources remains the center of resort life in Vichy. Vacationers love to take a walk here in the shade of chestnut trees and plane trees. In 1902 there was built the Hall of springs is an indoor pavilion where you can rest during the walk and try the water directly from all six local drinking sources. They were brought to the gallery in 1971. In the beginning of the century was also built the covered gallery for walking.

In the Park you can see the other pavilions, a casino and theatre of the XIX century shopping arcade and bandstand in the style of art Nouveau, which was built in the first half of the twentieth century. In the Northern part of the Park, the thermal baths, it was built in the beginning of the last century, using the then-popular Moorish style.