/ / Park of La Villette: photo description (Parc de la Villette)

Park of La Villette: photo description (Parc de la Villette)

La Villette is the largest Park in Paris. It is notable not only for its size (35 hectares), but also the fact that his appearance made his talent the stars of modern architecture. They built the famous cultural centres: the city of science and industry, Paris Conservatoire of music and dance, three huge concert hall, City of music with the Museum of ancient musical instruments.

Here in the North-Eastern outskirts of Paris, in the XIX century were built during the reign of Napoleon III a huge slaughter house and wholesale meat market. In 1974 they removed and announced a competition for the best use of the territory. He won his preacher, "architectural futility", a member of the Paris student uprising of 1968, Bernard Tschumi. He proposed and implemented the idea of the Park's avant-garde, dynamic and active.

The Park was opened in 1987 and quickly became a popular landmark of Paris, the center of attraction for Parisians and tourists. For the year it is visited by 10 million people. Here takes place many cultural events of international level. The Park draws "architectural follies", inspired by the postmodern idea of deconstruction. It is in this vein worked here, developing the design Tschumi, best contemporary architects: Christian de Montserrat, Adrien Fainsilber, Jean-Paul Morel, Jean Nouvel.

For example, in 1995, in La Villette was opened in the City of music, consisting of a concert hall, amphitheatre, Museum, music, showrooms and workshops. The complex was designed by Christian de Montserrat, famed for his work in new York, Berlin, Luxembourg. Now in La Villette ends with the construction of the Paris Philharmonic hall classical and jazz music for 2400 seats. The design of the hall performs the laureate of Pritzker architecture prize winner Jean Nouvel.

The Park is crossed by the canal de l'ourcq, Paris which supplies about half the necessary water. You can rent a boat and explore the canal. If you just walk in the Park, it is easy to detect ten themed gardens. In the Garden of the dragon located the thirty-meter steel dragon - he is very fond of children. Outstanding French landscape painter Alexander Shemetov has created unusual even for Paris bamboo garden.

Getting lost in a huge Park it's impossible: everywhere are visible thirty-five extravagant brightly painted structures, which are referred to as "nonsense". But for tourists who have lost each other, it is quite useful nonsense.