/ / The Park of Mont Boron: photos, description (Parc du Mon Boron)

The Park of Mont Boron: photos, description (Parc du Mon Boron)

The Park of Mont Boron in nice visits not every tourist, and for good reason: it's an amazing part of the life of the famous resort.

Occupying 57 acres, this Park is rightly called the green lung of nice. It is situated in the Eastern part of the city, between the port and the Bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer, on mount Boron with a height of 191 feet (its name the Park is named). Here we rise to walk, to have picnics and admire the magnificent views.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was a camp of primitive people. On the West side of the mountains, closer to the sea, is known since 1821, the cave of Lazarus, in which were found the remains of people and animals (including the extinct woolly rhinoceros) and stone tools. Archaeologists believe that the cave was a winter settlement of preponderance-hunters.

Much later, in the middle ages, this place was often a battle. After the residents escaped from the grip mount of the Moors (one of the legends explaining the origin of the name of the mountain, they were expelled monk Boban), for strategic reasons it was decided to cut down on her the whole forest. In the XVI century in the Northern part of the mountain built a Fort of Mont Alban (a fine example of military architecture of the time), and at the end of the XIX century the southern part was built the fortress of Mont Boron. Both buildings were to protect the nice against possible intrusions.

In 1862, the town decided to restore the cut forests. The solution of the problem instructed the forestry Prosper Demonte. For four years, where previously grazed cattle, there was the bulk of green spaces. It would be correct to call it the Park, and forest Park. There are no flowerbeds or fountains - just trees (cedar, eucalyptus, cypress, Aleppo pines, Holm oaks, olives, mastic pistachio), shrubs (juniper, sea buckthorn, prickly pear), wild flowers (dwarf carnations, orchids, freesia).

Road and track with a total length of eleven kilometers of the winds among the scented thickets. Basically the Park is located between the two FORTS. In shady groves at the top are a few dozen simple wooden tables with benches. Local residents enjoy picnics in the Park, but the solitude here, you can always find, even on a weekend.

After lunch in the fresh air should definitely visit the observation deck near both FORTS. Inside the castles are not allowed (although it is interesting to see even the wall - walk around the Fort of Mont Boron takes about forty minutes on the way across the bench). But the main thing here is still not inside and outside - stunning views. From Fort Mont Alban is perfectly visible from the Bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer and cap Ferrat on the other shore. There, on a promontory, is one of the jewels of the Riviera village of Saint-Jean-cap-Ferrat, a favorite vacation spot of aristocrats and millionaires. From the Fort of Mont Boron you can see the entire Bay of Angels and nice. But if you look right, sea, blue sea to the horizon. Breathtaking.