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Park Moresk: photos, description (Parc Mauresque)

Park Moresk, or Moorish Park is located in Arcachon near the residential quarter of "Winter city". This neighborhood was built in the 60-ies of the XIX century and became known as the place where were concentrated the picturesque mansions built in various architectural styles. The reason for this rapid centralized construction has become a very profitable location Arcachon Bay, surrounded by pine forests, near the mineral spring. The town was quickly appreciated by the French bourgeoisie as a seaside resort with a mild, favorable for the treatment of various diseases including tuberculosis, climate.

Moorish Park was built on the Bay in the second half of the XIX century. Earlier, in 1863 there was built the Moorish casino which was designed by the architect Paul Reynaud. It was located on top of a hill from which was visible the Arcachon Bay and other areas of the city. Built in Oriental style building reminded his contemporaries of the Spanish Palace, the Alhambra in Granada or the mosque in Cordoba. Unfortunately, in 1977, the abandoned casino was destroyed by fire, and today in the Park you can see the layout, set in a glass case.

At the end of the last century Moorish Park was turned into an arboretum, with an area of about eight hectares, on which grow palms and sequoias interspersed with pines and cedars. Also on this area divided into the rose garden, created waterfalls, places for walks and outdoor activities - bowling, cinema, children's Playground. In addition, the Park is a monument to the "Hercules", created by sculptor Claude Busko in memory of the members of the Resistance movement during the Second world war.

On the territory of the Moorish Park, you can get by climbing stairs or using a special Elevator.