/ / Pepiniere Park: photos, description (Parc de la Pepiniere)

Pepiniere Park: photos, description (Parc de la Pepiniere)

At the dawn of its history, this Park, the largest in Nancy, was the nursery, where cultivated seedlings destined for planting along the roads of Lorraine. This nursery was founded by order of the Duke Stanislas Leszczynski in 1765. From nursery Park has retained its layout of the Park alleys are about the same as the plot of a former nursery. By the way, the name of the Park comes from the French word "kennel" (pépinière).

The nursery was transformed into a public Park in the first half of the nineteenth century. In Nancy, it is next to another attraction associated with the name of the Duke Leszczynski - Stanislas place, which is also called "the heart of Nancy. This is one of the largest squares in Europe, built in Baroque style, and one of the most beautiful.

The Park area is almost 22 hectares, on its territory there are rosary, floral clock, which is updated every year, grounds for sports and games for the children, kiosk-gazebo, which hosts concerts and musical evenings, a puppet theatre and a Playground for mini-Golf, and mini zoo, which is inhabited by deers, bears, monkeys, birds and Pets.

Around the Park you can see sculptures, including the statue of Auguste Rodin, who portrayed artist Claude Lorrain. Other statues were created by Ernest Bussiere and albert Fino, they also portrayed the artists - caricaturist Jean Grandville and painter Charles Selye.

In Nancy there is another Park - Sainte-Marie, which is located in the heart of the district, built in the late XIX - early XX century in art Nouveau style. The first gardens appeared in this place in the XVII century, and in XX, he moved into municipal property. The Park was almost completely renovated after the storm, pushed in 1999, the age-old plantings.