/ / Park FeNi: photos, description (Parc Phoenix)

Park FeNi: photos, description (Parc Phoenix)

Park FeNi located in the Western part of nice, on the outskirts of town (across the street from the airport), where there is very little to attract the attention of the tourist. But FeNi is worth it to come here on purpose, especially with children.

In contrast to the Park of Mont Boron or Botanical gardens that do not look too lush, FeNi - bright, exciting, spectacular. 7 acres located about 20 thematic sectors and rare flowers and exotic animals. There is a greenhouse "Green diamond" (one of the largest tropical greenhouses in Europe with an area of 7 thousand square meters and a height of 25 meters), children's playgrounds and a musical fountain, performing Viennese waltzes.

Give a damn About the Park, which opened in 1990, initially intended only for the plant world. He was even named after the date palm tree "Phoenix". Here there are tree ferns, citrus, orchids, habits (bottle trees), cactus, aloe, agave, rhododendron, Heather, palm trees... Plants 2,500 species selected to show the variety of flora from different continents. Separately, there is a typical Provencal house made of stone with a tiled roof, surrounded by cypress trees and olives. There is a garden with aromatic and medicinal herbs. The many flower beds in early spring covered by a carpet of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, which later give way to summer flowers.

Gradually, however, the Park has become home not only for plants but also for animals. A pair of friendly otters (pups they are born annually in captivity is rare) delights visitors with its stunts in a special pool. You can watch the small wallabies, porcupines or charming Madagascan lemurs, woolly, black and white, with large curious eyes. Very nice iguanas and crocodiles-caimans living in the greenhouse, but African spurred tortoise (the third largest in the world after elephant and giant) are very interesting too.

Popular not only aquarium with many fish, but insectarium - where visitors, sometimes overcoming disgust, consider tarantulas, tarantulas, giant cockroaches.

The birds are brightly colored macaws, owls, crowned cranes, ostriches. Constant delight in children and in adults causes the peacocks they roam freely around the grounds, from time to time revealing a gorgeous tails.

The centre of the Park is the lake area of 6 thousand square meters. On its banks grow weeping willows, irises, reeds, swim under the surface and fat koi carp, on the surface of the lake calmly swimming pelicans, black swans, Mandarin ducks, canadian, and Hawaiian geese. During seasonal migration, there is often a rest mallards.

On the edge of the lake, as if growing out of the water, stands the original building of the Museum of Asian arts, designed by celebrated Japanese architect Kenzo, Tange. Tourists usually combine a visit to the Park with a tour of the Museum's collection.