/ / Parks yera: photos, description of Parc Saint-Bernard, Parc Sainte Claire, Parc Olbius seasonal)

Parks yera: photos, description of Parc Saint-Bernard, Parc Sainte Claire, Parc Olbius seasonal)

In hyères three city Park included in the national list of "Outstanding garden of France". It parks Saint-Bernard, Saint-Clair and Albus Rica.

The first one is in downtown on top of a hill and known as the place of location is another attraction of the Villa Noey. This building was built in 1923 in the art Nouveau style by the architect Robert mallet-Stevens. The Villa became known by the name of its first owner. The fame of this mansion received thanks to the frequent famous, above all in the art world, people of that time. Among them was film Director Luis buñuel, artists Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jean Cocteau. Villa Noey served as a source of inspiration - for example, Luis buñuel wrote the screenplay for the film "Golden age". Moreover, even the architect mallet-Stevens was a person very well known: he was called a genius of art Deco, he acted as a Director and as a theorist, publishing his article. Today the Villa continues to serve as art and a venue for art and photo exhibitions. In the Park that surrounds the Villa, you can see many Mediterranean plants.

In the Park of Saint-Clair is another Villa with an interesting history. In the 20-ies of XX century, her mistress was the American Edith Wharton - the author of the novels, the first woman writer whose work was marked by the Pulitzer prize. In her most famous novel "Age of innocence" in 1993 was produced the film, and its Director was Martin Scorsese. The film was awarded the prize "Golden globe". The Parc de Saint-Clair is also located in the city center, there are flowers and trees, imported from Australia and South America. Parks of Saint Claire and Saint Bernard are connected to each other by footpath.

The third outstanding Park yera, Albius Rica is one of the oldest Botanical gardens in France, as well as working with 1868. He has a very vast collection of plants, consisting of two thousand species and a small zoo. Here you can admire exotic plants like magnolias, yuccas and see peacocks, deer and parrots.