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Parfondeval: photos, description (Parfondeval)

Parfondeval is a beautiful old village in the North of France, Picardy region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are only 155 people. Distance from the French capital city of Paris is 180 km.
The settlement has a rich history, it is known that at one time it was part of the Duchy of Valentinois, owned by the famous Cesare Borgia.

The unique character of the village give her a home built of red brick and represent a single architectural ensemble. Almost all the settlement is built in this type of buildings. These include the town Church, which is a quite interesting and unusual structure - the so-called "fortified" Church. Its appearance it is more like a city gate that is included in the part of the fortress wall crowned with a powerful on top of the gate tower. Moreover, this very tower is framed by two other towers, a little smaller in size.

The Cathedral was consecrated in honor of St. Medard, Bishop of Nuinsco, preached in the sixth century. The Church itself was finished in the XVII century, during the reign of Louis XIII and Louis XIV. In 1995, the Cathedral received the status of a monument of history and culture of France. In the city there is the Protestant temple, which was built quite recently, in 1858. Other attractions worth noting, and the Museum of primitive tools.

A kind of "decoration" of the village is a large pond, which is located right in its center. Also in the city there are various agricultural land and pastures, which gives the settlement a cozy and idyllic views.