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Passage Pommeraye: photos, description (Passage Pommeraye)

In the West of Nantes, between the areas of Integral and Royal, is the most famous in the city shopping center - passage Pommeraye, built in the XIX century. The five-storey building is on the Rue crébillon and invariably becomes the object of attention of the inhabitants of Nantes, travelers and even filmmakers - it has been the backdrop for several films. And no wonder, because the passage is considered to be one of the most beautiful shopping galleries in Europe.

The creators of the passage in 1843, were the architects Jean Baptiste Byuron and Hippolyte Durand-Haslen that stylized the interiors of the passage under the decoration of the Renaissance. Interior finish of the passage is that makes you look at every detail. Other decorations shopping galleries, the length of which is more than 130 metres - the statues that support stands of lights, moldings, Central staircase with wrought iron railings, the clock in the Central opening.

The name of the passage named in honour of owner - Louis Pommeraye. In the second half of the twentieth century passage as historical monument, yet it continues to serve its original purpose. The passage continues as a large shopping centre which has many shops and boutiques.

In Nantes, the passage of Pommeraye was recognized as the same symbol of the city, as, for example, the LU tower is one of two towers built in the early XX century for the confectionary enterprise "Lefebvre Scrap". In 70-e years, after moving factories to the suburbs, the tower was demolished, but after another twenty years he woke up and regained one of them. Now this beautiful building under the spire serves as a venue for cultural and social events.