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Peyre: photos, description (Peyre)

Peyre - a beautiful old village in the South of France, region MIDI - Pyrenees. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only about 200 people. In 1830 Peyre was combined with another small settlement called Compreignac. The distance to Toulouse is 135 miles, it is located much further South.

Peyre is on the tarn river, eight kilometres downstream of this river is the large town of Millau, which was founded in III century BC and served as a trade center from ancient times. This city is home to more than 21 thousand people.

The first documentary mention of Peire refers to the eleventh century, at the same time there was built a fortress, of which today only ruins remained. However, in this region there are many caves, where were found traces of mammoths and primitive tools of a caveman from the Paleolithic era.

On one of sites of ancient people was built the first city temple, consecrated in honor of St. Christophe de Peyrat. By the way, before the settlement itself was called that way - Saint-Christophe de Peyre. The relics of this Saint were brought to the X century from Spain by the crusaders. The building itself was completed a century later. In the seventeenth century it was further strengthened. Now it houses the Museum of fine arts, most of the works of local artists.

The village itself is located on a hill and therefore has a unique appearance - like stone houses built at different levels, and the winding narrow alleys often give steep turns. In addition, you can climb to the top of the plateau overlooking the magical view of the city of Millau the tarn river and transferred via modern cable-stayed bridge.