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Pam: photos, description (Pesmes)

Pam is a beautiful old village in the East of France, in Franche-comté. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to more than a thousand people. Distance from the French capital city of Paris is 300 kilometers. The town itself stands on the river Ognon, being a tributary to a major waterway - the river saône.

The first fortified structure was built here in X century, but the medieval fortress was destroyed. But in the city there are numerous historical buildings, including several castles of the XV century and the elegant Palace, the château de forges XVIII century. When translated from French, the word "forge" means "forge", and indeed Pam was known for its steel plants, which also survived. They date back to XVII century. And in the Palace, respectively, lived the owner of this industrial enterprise.

The city gate was built in the XIII century, but other parts of the fortress wall and defensive fortifications came to us already in the converted form and date from the XVI century.

The city is also home to many religious buildings. Especially noteworthy is the main Church of Saint-Hilaire built in the XII century and eye-catching brightly decorated dome on the top of the bell tower. The architecture of this building combines elements of both Romanesque and flamboyant Gothic style.

However, the oldest settlement is St. Paul's Cathedral - it is known that it was built before the XII century, but in 1160 was converted into a chapel at the Benedictine hospital. In the XV century the Church was completely rebuilt.

In addition, the city has many mansions and churches of XIV-XVIII centuries, which gives it a single, unique architectural appearance.