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The Col Petit Saint-Bernard: photo description (the Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard

In the Western Alps there are two pass, named after St. Bernard - Petit St Bernard and the Great St Bernard. The first is located on the border of France with Italy, the second - on the border of Italy and Switzerland. On both passes of the St. Bernard founded the shelter for travellers.

The Col Petit Saint Bernard is located in the Graian Alps, its altitude exceeds 2100 m above sea level and pass through the highway, connecting the valley of two rivers - isère of the French and Italian Dora Baltea. It is known that the road through the pass existed in the time of Julius Caesar, and linked the two cities on the spot where now is located Milan and Vienne.

The future Saint Bernard of Savoy was born in the castle of Menton in the first half of the tenth century. After studying in Paris, he returned to his native place and was to marry, after his father, but Bernard ran away before the wedding and found refuge in a Benedictine monastery. He has dedicated his life to the service of God and preached Christianity.

The first shelter Bernard was founded in the year 962 on the pass, which lies on the Italian-Swiss border. Over this pass also passed the road on which to Rome was followed by the pilgrims. From the XII century this pass, formerly called Mont-Joux, is called the Great St. Bernard. A shelter on the border of France and Italy, was founded later, in the early eleventh century. He St. Bernard is revered as the patron Saint of skiers, climbers and mountain tourists.

On each pass based Bernard shelters from the first half of the XII century, lived the Augustinian monks who also kept to these monasteries dogs and brought the St. Bernard breed. The first dog appeared at shelters in the second half of the XVII century. The St. Bernard was originally used as watchdogs, but in the eighteenth century, people paid attention to their subtle flair and the ability to find people under snow blockages. The most famous St. Bernard rescue named Barry lived at the beginning of the XIX century at the shelter on the pass of the Great St. Bernard and rescued 41 people.

The Col Petit St Bernard, in addition to shelter, has a couple of ancient sights. One of them is the remains of the ancient structures in the form of a stone ring with a diameter of more than 70 meters. The building dates back to the VIII-V centuries BC. Another structure that stood at this pass in ancient times, a Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter.