/ / Cave Crusad: photos, description Grotte de la Crouzade)

Cave Crusad: photos, description Grotte de la Crouzade)

Near the small resort town of Gruissan are several limestone caves, one of which is known as Crusade. The camp and the caves are located in the Aude Department of Languedoc - Roussillon.

The cave was discovered in 1866 by a local doctor and pharmacist. In 1928 she received the status of historical monument, and the excavation of it was carried out during the past century. Currently, the cave Crusad still studied by the archaeologists, as it found new evidence of past eras. Some of them date back to the Neolithic period, orinyansky, madlensky and other cultures. Isolated finds are kept in the Museum of natural history and Ethnography in Toulouse - the second in importance and number of exhibits after the Paris natural history Museum.

Besides the caves Crusade, in Gruissan, you can see other historical attractions such as the tower Barbarossa, which was built in the XIII century, but to date it has remained only ruins. However, they are not less attractive and also serve as a place where panoramic views of Gruissan and the surrounding town of vineyards, one of which belongs to the actor Pierre Richard, and salt marshes. From the cliff on which stood the tower, go in circles the streets of the medieval town, and one of them is the Church of our lady of the assumption, also built in the XIII century. No less interesting will take a look at the old harbour of Gruissan and Saint Martin, where extraction of salt and bred oysters, and there is a Museum which presents the history of these and other local crafts.