/ / Chauvet cave: photos, description (Grotte Chauvet)

Chauvet cave: photos, description (Grotte Chauvet)

Chauvet cave in the South of France has been opened recently - in 1994. After a year, it has already been included in the list of historical monuments of France, and in 2014 received the status of world heritage of UNESCO. Scientists continue to explore the "treasures" of this cave, so it is closed for tourists. However, it is expected soon the opening of the cave replica, which will be recreated the interior space of the original Chauvet cave, and already there will let all comers.

Chauvet cave located in the valley of the Ardèche, near the town of Vallon-Pont-d'arc (ardèche, the rhône-Alpes region). It was opened by three speleologists Jean-Marie Chauvet, whose name she was called, Eliet Brunel and Christian Hiller, and before that the cave entrance was hidden under huge stones, which were lying there since the ice age. The cave seemed to have been conserved, and therefore the drawings on its walls are very well preserved.

Ancient rock paintings - this is the "treasures" of the Chauvet cave, whose age is several tens of thousands of years. Only on the walls of caves counted 435 different animals that lived in those times - woolly rhinoceros, bison, cave lion, mammoth and others. Also next to the drawings were discovered claw marks of the cave bear. The height of the ceiling of the cave is 18 meters, and the length of its halls and galleries is 800 metres away. Studies of the drawings of the Chauvet cave have allowed scientists to draw conclusions about what these places, perhaps there was a cult of the bear, and the cave itself served as a place of worship, and about what animals lived in Europe in the Paleolithic era. The researchers noted the high level of image performance, which leveled the walls were scratched with the contours of animals and then applied the paint.

About the Chauvet cave already written not one book and documentary film by Director Werner Herzog. The film played a role in creating a public outcry and the decision about creation of a copy of the Chauvet cave.