/ / The pyramid Pierre-de-Kuhar: photos, description (Pyramide de Couhard)

The pyramid Pierre-de-Kuhar: photos, description (Pyramide de Couhard)

The pyramid Pierre-de-Kuchar - a masterpiece of ancient art, located in the Burgundy town of Autun, Central France. During the Roman rule in Gaul he was known by another name - Augustodunum. It is interesting that he even considered "sister and rival of Rome, so great was the influence of this settlement.

This building is a gravestone monument of the I century of our era, made in the shape of a pyramid, which reaches a height of 33 meters. It is located in close proximity to the ancient necropolis of the city. The name of the monument was in honor of a small settlement Kuhar previously located on this place.

Still unknown original function of this monument. Obviously, this tombstone, but it may well be that the large structure may be a Cenotaph - that is, an empty tomb erected in memory of the deceased, but does not contain his remains. It is interesting that, if you believe the city plans relating to the reign of king Francis I (XVI century), in those days, the monument was entirely encased in marble.

In 1640, a mysterious tomb was uncovered, but no traces of human burials were found. Around the pyramid went numerous legends, in the nineteenth century, for example, scientists have come to the conclusion that here is buried one of the legendary Celtic druids. Passed in 1960, archaeological research led to a surprising discovery, which, however, much light on this mystery does not shed. Was found a lead plate II century, which was able to decode the Latin and Greek languages and the image of a huge cross - symbol of Christianity.