/ / Square Alliance: photos, description (Place d'alliance)

Square Alliance: photos, description (Place d'alliance)

Square Alliance and the other two square Nancy - Stanislas and La Quarry in 1983 was recognized as the unified architectural complex and received the status of world heritage of UNESCO.

Square Alliance was built during the reign of the last Duke of Lorraine Stanislaw Leszczynski and at first was named in his honor. However, shortly after its opening there was a more important event that influenced the name of the area. After the conclusion of a peace Treaty between king Louis XV and Maria Theresa of Austria, put an end to disputes over the Duchy of Lorraine, the place became known as the area of the Alliance.

Also, as the place Stanislas (former Royal), the area of the Alliance is a work of the architect Emmanuel de Era Roots. Both areas he gave a rectangular and square, only Stanislas square larger (the length of its sides is about 105 and 125 meters). The length of the square side of the Alliance is 90 meters. If the Stanislas square was built on the site of a vacant lot for the construction area of the Alliance had to sacrifice the Ducal gardens.

Area Alliance in Nancy is considered more intimate, it is lined with facades of buildings that were built in the same style and even decorated with the same decor.

In the center of the square has a fountain, installed in honor of signed in the middle of the XVIII century a peace Treaty. The fountain was created in the form of a sculptural group of the three elders, pouring water. Above them rises and crowns the whole composition of the figure of the winged Herald, who blows a trumpet and holds a shield with the inscription "Eternal Union and harmony." The author of the fountain is Paul Sipple.