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Bellecour square: photos, description (Place Bellecour)

The name of one of the biggest squares in France comes from the name of the vineyard, which belonged to the Bishop in the twelfth century. It was called "beautiful garden" or "curtis bell". Place Bellecour in Lyon is recognized as the third largest area in the country - its size is 312 200 meters, more her in France only the Paris Concorde and the Chess square in Bordeaux. In addition, the place Bellecour is the largest square without greenery.

Throughout its history, the place Bellecour several times changed their names, depending on the will of kings, emperors and revolutionaries. Its construction began Henry IV in 1604. During the reign of Louis XIV it was called the Royal, and then renamed the square of Louis the Great. The square itself was the equestrian statue of the monarch, which was performed by Martin Desjardin. At the end of the XVIII century this place was called Federation square, later - Concorde. Instead of the statue of the king her "decorated" the guillotine and the altar of Freedom.

In the reign of Napoleon, the area still was renamed twice - first, in the area of Bonaparte, then Napoleon's square. The current name of the area acquired in the period of the Third Republic (1870-1940).

Today on the square you can see a later statue of Louis XIV - instead dismantled it was completed in 1825, Francois-Frederic Lemo. The pedestal of the statue is decorated with allegoric images of the rivers Saone and Rhone - created in 1720, the brothers Guillaume and Nicolas Bush.

Also on the square you can see the monument to the famous writer Antoine de Saint-exupéry, which he portrayed in the form of a pilot, and his shoulder is he created the character the Little Prince. The author of the monument is Christian Ilable, and its installation was timed to coincide with the centenary of the birth of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The opening of the monument took place in 2000.

The square is home to the Ferris wheel height of 60 meters from the booths which good panoramic view of Lyon streets.