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Place General de Gaulle: photo, description, Place du General-de-Gaulle)

Lille Grand square has several names - a Large area, the area of the Goddess and the place General de Gaulle. It is unknown why this area was called the great, but the other two names explained very easily.

In the center of the square you can see the fountain with a column, on top of which lies a female figure. This monument was erected here in 1842 to the memory of how bravely the inhabitants of Lille resisted the siege of the Austrian army in 1792. The monument and the pedestal was executed by sculptor Charles Benvenga and Théophile Bra. The woman depicted in the statue is holding an artillery fuse. The monument called "Column of the Goddess", received from him the title and the whole area.

The first President of the Fifth Republic Charles de Gaulle was born in Lille in 1890 in the house of his grandfather, and was baptized in the Church of St. Andrew. Since the late 80-ies of the last century, this building is a historical monument and Museum dedicated to activities of General de Gaulle and the lives of his family members.

Place Charles de Gaulle called the center of political life of the city, as there are often rallies and other public events, here are the local Newspapers and other organizations.

One of the striking sights of the area - the Old stock exchange, built in the mid XVII century in the Flemish style. The building was intended for trade, transactions and negotiations. The building is also a historical monument since 1921. Currently in his courtyard surrounded by a covered gallery, spend the evening dancing, running second-hand the collapse and selling flowers.

Place Charles de Gaulle is adjacent to the Theatre square, where is located the Opera house. It also felt the influence of the Flemish architecture for local architects, although this building was built in the early XX century, and its official opening took place after the restoration after the First world war.