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Square d albert: photo, description, Place d'albertas)

This square in AIX-EN-Provence bears the name of Jean-Baptiste d ' albert, who was Chairman of the accounting chamber. Its place in the history of Monsieur d albert had ensured that bought up all the buildings on this place in order to prepare the site for construction of the area and thereby to organize a superb view from the Windows. The mansion of the President was on the street, Hesparia, and the square was built in front of it.

Perhaps this was a step too extravagant and did not add popularity among ordinary citizens to the President, however, the ensemble of the square is currently referred to as unified and harmonious. Despite its contribution to the improvement of the city, Chairman of the accounting chamber after 50 years was killed, and the crime the man was sentenced to death by the wheel.

The construction and arrangement of the area was conducted for six years, from 1735 to 1741, under the leadership of architect Vallon. Framing square to create the facades of the houses on three sides and decorated with stucco. As a subject of inspiration for their construction, the architect used the style of an Italian Palazzo.

Later on the square d albert was a fountain, round shape, metal decor was founded in the early twentieth century, students of the local school of crafts. Near the square is the Museum of natural history. It is located in the Palace building Boyer d agui. It is possible to see the most diverse collection - from insects and plants to the remains of dinosaurs.