/ / The courthouse square: photo, description, Place du Palais-de-Justice)

The courthouse square: photo, description, Place du Palais-de-Justice)

For tourists from Russia, the courthouse square in the Old town looks amazing. There are two major public authority - the court of nice and the so-called court of first instance, often are the police cars. But people walking through the square, sitting at tables, or to view the shelves of the rag pickers behave the Mediterranean relaxed and fun that it becomes clear they are nothing to be afraid of. The apotheosis of relaxation looks young, always sitting on the steps of the Palace of justice with bottles of beer.

This small, but attractive for local residents and for tourists the square was recently renovated and looks very nice. In its center stands the Palace of justice - an impressive building in the neoclassical style (ionic columns supporting a triangular pediment, an impressive staircase), built in 1880, specifically to the court of nice. Opposite stands the Rusca Palace, which houses the high court. The Rusca Palace looks quite modest, which makes sense - built in 1780, he was originally a barracks, then monastery. It animates a small bell tower with a clock.

Greenery on the square there is little, from the heat of the day saves only the fountain on the corner in a form resembling a shell, is a place of meetings and recreation. Inside both palaces visitors are not allowed (however, they say there is special and there is nothing to admire, but people without it find something. There are often concerts, plays and other cultural activities, always work in cafes (one of them is right in front of the Palace of justice), and the Sabbath given to the markets.

Markets, not grocery. On the first and third Saturdays of each month, it sells antique and just old books, second Saturdays, paintings, sculptures, and Souvenirs (the market of arts and crafts), and on the fourth the old cards. A true Paradise for collectors of all stripes!

So the life of an area is vibrant day and night, and no one pays attention to parked immediately police cars.