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Dauphine: photos, description (Place Dauphine)

Place Dauphine is one of the most beautiful in Paris. It is situated on the Ile de La Cité, it offers a wonderful view of the Louvre - and, nevertheless, wrote Andre Maurois, the area is undeservedly forgotten. Tourists know it is not enough.

Place Dauphine appeared in 1608 under Henry IV. Four years earlier king had built a New bridge that crossed the Sieve. At the crossing location on the Western tip of the island, appreciated the beauty, the king decided to split a spacious area which would contrast with the tangled medieval streets of old Paris.

Called the area in honor of the future monarch Louis XIII, the heir to the throne of France was called the Dauphin. Perimeter has built thirty-two houses in the same style - brick, white stone, the arcade, the roof of the white slate. Very close Sieve was the former Royal Palace that housed the administration of the king and court of justice - on the square began to rent apartments diplomats of the middle rank, provincials participating in the courts. Itself the place Dauphine was the favorite place of work comedians and shubaderov.

"Merry king", as he was called Henry, there was no time to enjoy his creation: 14 may 1610, while riding in an open carriage through Paris, Vagabond Francois Ravaillac, leaping on the bandwagon, three hit the king with a dagger.

In the beginning of the XVIII century, the area has become the focus of the artistic life of Paris. On the day of the Body and blood of Christ is there under the open sky was held the exhibition of artists-newcomers. It was here that he received the recognition of Fragonard and Chardin.

The French revolution banned the celebration of the Body and Blood of Christ, the exhibition stopped. At the same time, the revolutionaries sent to the facility adorned square an equestrian monument to the "tyrant" Henry IV. The monument was restored in 1818, he was cast from the melted figure of Napoleon Bonaparte with the Vendome column.

The current Dauphin is not too similar to its ancestor four centuries ago. The building on the East side was demolished to open views of the Palace of justice, from the old houses to the present day survived only two. Today it is a cozy and quiet area which is very fond of Parisians.