/ / The Jean Jaures square: photo, description, Place Jean-Jaures)

The Jean Jaures square: photo, description, Place Jean-Jaures)

Jean jaurès - known in French political figure of the late XIX - early XX century, the representative of the socialist movement shot before the First world war.

In Montpellier it is named after an area located in the heart of the old city. In addition, the statue of Jean Jaures can be seen in the composition of the memorial of the Great politicians of the twentieth century, installed at the other the town square in September 2010. In addition to Jean jaurès, France this memorial is President Charles de Gaulle, other countries - Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Vladimir Lenin. It was expected that the memorial will be enriched by the statues of Golda Meir, Mahatma Gandhi, Mao Zedong and other famous figures. The memorial was created on the initiative of Georges Frechet, head of the Council of the region Languedoc-Roussillon, now deceased.

The Jean Jaures square is located near the Cathedral of St. Peter and the square itself is the crypt (underground chapel) Church of our lady of money-changing tables. The crypt dates back to the Romanesque period, and the Church of the XIII century. Around the Church liked to make their trades city moneychangers, placing their tables, hence the name of this temple.

The Church survived the years of religious wars of the XVI century, but was demolished in 1794. In its place began to build market square, and after more than a hundred years, at the beginning of the twentieth century the newly discovered underground facility. Now it is a Museum of the history of Montpellier, dedicated to the period from X to XVI century. In the crypt are preserved the vaults and remains of walls and Foundation.