/ / Square Comedy: photos, description (Place de la Comedie)

Square Comedy: photos, description (Place de la Comedie)

Square de La Comedie in Montpellier got its name because it is located here Opera and Comedy. This is the third theatre building, erected in the square. First appeared in the middle of the XVIII century, about the same period belong the first mention of the square. Thirty years later the first municipal theatre built by the project of Jacques-Philippe Marechal, burned. By 1788 the building was restored, but staid a short time in 1881 it was again destroyed by a fire. Third, the present building was built on the same unhappy place in 1888, it was created by architect Joseph Bernard.

In the XIX century the area of Comedy is a little cut in size, but has gained the status of Central. The fact that next to it there was built a railway station, which opened the way to different regions of France. In addition, on the square every Wednesday until the beginning of world war II opened the grape market. Now this place is a shopping center, but the market is also not completely disappeared - now it is open once a year, in September. In addition, the square becomes the venue for the December Christmas fair and other events. Across the square is one of the city's tram routes, but for other types of transport, it is closed.

Decoration area serve fountain of the Three graces, however, depicted in marble, daughters of Zeus - is only a clever copy, the original sculpture is kept in the foyer of the theater. At the end of the XVIII century marble grace was moved to the square next to the city hall, and in the XX century moved to the Fabre Museum, and only after that to the theatre. To preserve the historical appearance of the square, it was decided to install a copy of the sculptural group. The original author is the sculptor Antoine Etienne.

The square is located in the historical centre of the city - quarter Ecusson.