/ / Plaza de La Mine: photo, description, Place de la Carriere)

Plaza de La Mine: photo, description, Place de la Carriere)

Three squares in Nancy (Stanislas, Alliance and La Careers) that make up a single urban ensemble, UNESCO, the latter appeared before all. Plaza de La Quarry (or Arena) was built in the XVI century, but is now seen only as a continuation of the Central square of the ensemble - place Stanislas.

Architect Emmanuel Era de Roots who planned two square appeared in the middle of the XVIII century, separated the area of the Arena from the square, named after the last Duke of Lorraine, the arc de Triomphe. Erected in honor of the son-in-law Stanislaw Leszczynski king Louis XV arch - treatacne beautiful building, which the architect Era de Roots inspired arches, erected in honour of victories of the Roman emperors.

Plaza de La Quarry was built in Nancy during the next expansion of the urban area and the construction of new fortifications. Soon around the square appeared the mansions of the rich and noble citizens, and the area itself served as the stage, which was held jousting competitions.

One of these buildings - located in the South-East side of the square building Bovo. It was built in the XVIII century, and now it is the court of appeal of Nancy. In front of him, right here, on the square, you can see almost a complete copy of this building - Era de Roots created a similar mansion, which occupied the urban market. Marc de Bovo-Kraon who owned the mansion in the square Arena was the Governor of Lorraine in the eighteenth century, near Nancy, located his former residence - castle of arue. House Bovo is a historical monument like many other buildings lining the square Arena. Not only the facades, but even the roofs are protected by the state.