/ / Square Boxes: photo, description, Place de la Loge)

Square Boxes: photo, description, Place de la Loge)

In Perpignan in the square Boxes you can see at once three major city attractions - Loges-de-Mer (or sea chamber of Commerce), the town hall and the building of the Assembly of representatives. Among the administrative buildings of the city, these are the most beautiful. The area Lies together with one of the main urban area of Verdun is included in the pedestrian area of the historical part of Perpignan. In the middle Ages there was the center of social life in the city.

Sea the chamber was opened in 1388 and had to revive trade in Perpignan. The building was built in the late XIV century and in following centuries rebuilt and changed. Today it is easily recognized by the iron boat, which hoisted above his roof. In the XVIII century the building of the chamber housed the theatre, and in the first half of the XIX-th it was a cafe. It is located in the lower part of the building, decorated with high arches.

The former town hall building attracts the attention of residents and visitors, not only its appearance but also a work of art, which is stored in the courtyard. Here there is a sculpture of the Mediterranean, created in the XIX century by the famous Aristide Mayol - sculptor, who studied at the local Lyceum. Now this institution bears his name.

The town hall was built in the XIII century when Perpignan was the capital of Mallorca. From the original building are preserved only the lobby, and the rest was built in the XVI-XVII centuries, in addition, at the beginning of the XX century has changed the facade of the building, and the gate appeared only in the beginning of the XVIII century.

The Assembly of representatives, which was built in the mid-fifteenth century, completed the ensemble of the square Lies. At different times it served different functions: it receives all the taxes, it housed the Supreme Council, and in the years of the revolution - the Tribunal.