/ / The area of the Nation: photo, description, Place de la Nation)

The area of the Nation: photo, description, Place de la Nation)

In an enormous circular area of the Nation, playing the role of the Eastern gate of Paris, join ten streets. This huge transport interchange - a vivid and controversial story.

26 Jul 1660 in the square, which was then surrounded by vineyards, monasteries and village homes, were erected decorative throne. He said the point of the solemn entry into Paris wedding procession of Louis XIV and the Spanish Infanta Maria-Theresa of Austria, obvenchatsya in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, in Gascony. The place was called: the area of the Throne.

To commemorate the event associated with the name of the sun King, Colbert ordered the construction there of the arc de Triomphe. The project remained unfinished. Later at the entrance to the square from the Vincennes was given two memorial columns, the so-called Barrier du Throne.

In 1792, the area was renamed, naturally, in the area of the Prostrate throne. Two years later there was installed one of the Parisian guillotine - knife found death 1306, including the poet andré Chenier and composer josé françois-Joseph Beno. Here was executed on charges of "fanaticism and counter-revolution" sixteen of the martyrs-the nuns and novices of the Carmelite monastery of Compiegne. Sister Constance, climbing scaffold, they sang the hymn "Praise the Lord". The bodies had been dumped in a common ditch in the cemetery of the village of Pisky.

In the XIX century, has repeatedly appeared project Plaza decoration of the triumphal arches. The case moved after the unsuccessful Franco-Prussian war, when the humiliation of the country was looking for symbols of Renaissance grandeur. Finalize after town-planning reforms of Baron Haussmann, the area in 1880, received its present name. But in 1889, the 100th anniversary of the French revolution there was a sculptural composition "Triumph of the Republic" works of Jules Dala.

Former Communards Dala hiding after the suppression of the Paris Commune a few years in England, carved magnificent bronze Marianne in the chariot. Entail the carriage two huge lion, surrounded by symbolic figures: the genius of Liberty, Smith, Justice, Abundance, children. Initially, multi-figure composition was surrounded by a pond with a bronze crocodile, out of the mouth which beat fountains. In 1960, when laying under the area of the tunnel RER, a pond and crocodiles removed.