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Area Hotel de Ville: photo, description, Place de l'hotel-de-Ville)

The area is the Hotel de Ville, in front of the Paris town Hall, formerly called the place de Greve is the ominous name familiar to anyone who has read the novels of Dumas.

The name of the square comes from the French word greve means the sandy shore. Here, on the right Bank of the Seine was the river pier of Paris. But it is not the business scope made it famous.

In 1240, king Louis IX ordered to destroy all copies of the Talmud available in the country. On the place de Greve publicly burned 20 carts of ancient manuscripts. And soon the turn to the people.

Public executions took place on the square for more than five centuries, from 1310 to 1830. There was a stationary gallows and the pillory. Commoners were hanged, nobles beheaded, thieves were on the wheel, heretics and witches were burned. Penalty invariably attracted a large number of onlookers - in those days it was a popular entertainment. In total, on the place de Greve were subtly deprived of life tens of thousands of people.

By the end of the XVIII century the spread of ideas of humanism led to the General belief that required less brutal way the death penalty is the same for all classes. In 1792, a physician and member of the National Assembly Joseph Guillotin suggested the use of well-known in many countries, the mechanism of falling with a knife. In France he was called the guillotine.

25 APR 1792 it was on the place de Greve was executed on the guillotine a simple thief. Soon, however, terrible the device was moved to the square of the Revolution (now Concorde), where he held the most executions of that bloody era.

In 1803, the square was given its current name. It announced the establishment of the provisional government of the 1848 revolution proclaimed the French Republic on 4 September 1870 and the Paris Commune of 1871.

Now it's a beautiful and very popular with Parisians place. Since 1982 the area has become a pedestrian area. In winter there is an ice rink, in the summer on a special coating poured sand to play beach volleyball.