/ / Parliament square: photos, description (Place du Parlement)

Parliament square: photos, description (Place du Parlement)

The area of the Parliament in Bordeaux in 1952 was recognized as a historical monument. Its present name she received in the end of the XVIII century - in honor of the Parliament of Bordeaux, which was established in the mid-fifteenth century Charles VII, but his work was terminated in 1790-m.

The square was built a short distance from place de La Bourse in 1760 and at the beginning of its history the area was called the Royal market. The French revolution and the subsequent wave of renaming of the square was given a new name - it became known as Liberty square, it soon had another, this time the last rename. Himself, the highest judicial authority of Bordeaux met in the Palace Ambrier.

The decoration of the place is set in its center a fountain, also named in honor of the Parliament. The initiator of the installation was the mayor of Guillaume Andre Brochon, the author of the project - the architect Louis Garros. It should be noted that during operation of the Bordeaux Mr. Brosnon, the city conducted numerous restoration works already existing historical monuments (e.g. Cathedral of St. Andrew), and there are new facilities, decorated Bordeaux (the Three graces fountain on the square of the Exchange).

The opening of the fountain, created in the style of "new Renaissance" took place in 1865. The pedestal fountain is decorated with figures of nymphs and mascarons (sculptures of a human head or animal face). The base of the fountain is composed of limestone slabs, covered with gold leaf.

Parliament square is surrounded by mansions that were built in the first half of the eighteenth century. Their facades are also decorated with mascarons and other decorative ironwork balustrades and moldings.