/ / Victory square: photo, description, Place de la Victoire)

Victory square: photo, description, Place de la Victoire)

Two squares of Bordeaux Victory and Comedy connects the lively pedestrian Rue Saint-Catherine, which was formerly a commercial street, and today it are stalls, shops and boutiques. Its length is 1300 meters, it is one of Europe's longest shopping streets.

One end of the street terminates in the Grand Theatre - the most famous landmark of the place de La Comedie. This neoclassical building was built in the second half of the XVIII century by the architect Victor Louis and renovated in the late XX-th.

If you walk down the street Sainte-Catherine, in the direction of Victory square, then it will lead to the gate of Aquitaine. Also in this square you can see the obelisk that celebrates winemaking and the city University. Due to the presence of this educational institution, the area became a place of rest and local youths. In addition, in Victory square regularly hosts concerts and other cultural events.

Triumphal arch, called Aquitanima gate, was erected in the middle of the XVIII century the city gate of the medieval buildings. The gate of Aquitaine - one of the eight city gates of Bordeaux.

Obelisk dedicated to the wine industry, represents a 16-foot column of pink of stone of unusual shape. Her face is decorated with a bronze grape clusters and carved stone images. The weight of the column of about 50 tons, and its author is a Czech architect Ivan Theimer. This monument was installed in 2005. Near the obelisk you can see the two bronze turtles - large and small, their shells are engraved the names of Bordeaux wines.