/ / Square Rossetti: photos, description (Place Rossetti)

Square Rossetti: photos, description (Place Rossetti)

Piazza Rossetti is the heart of the Old city, the it center, a place of attraction for all tourists entering the tangle of the medieval streets.

The area owes Charles Rossetti de Chateauneuf, known member of a nice family of benefactors. He made the city his sole heir, the inheritance was a house in front of the Cathedral Sainte-réparate, preventing to see the Cathedral in all its glory - on a narrow street not been able to move to the desired distance. In 1825, after the death of Rossetti, the house was demolished and formed a square - not too big, but allows you to admire the Baroque façade of the main Church of nice. And the area, and waste from her street wear is now the name of Rossetti.

This space is really not enough in the center of Old nice. The atmosphere here is special - it creates a charming multi-colored Cathedral with its dome covered with glazed tiles in the Genoese fashion of the XVII century, okhranye the facades of the houses with typical shutters and balconies, stone fountain, table restaurants and of course the cheerful hubbub of the crowd. There is always full of tourists and locals: they know that the square Rossetti sell the city's best ice cream", Pinocchio". It is not only delicious but unusual - you can choose tomato, rosemary, lavender, thyme, Basil.

When the ice cream eaten, and the magnificent temple viewed from the inside, it's time to go out Rossetti. She steps rises to an even more steep stairs leading to the Castle hill. On top of the breathless tourist will look back and see the spire of the bell tower of the Cathedral Sainte-réparate in the background of blue sky. There, on the square Rossetti, should be back late in the evening to marvel at her transformation: when the restaurants are closed and the tables disappear, the illuminated area going to the young, local musicians playing guitars and accordions (the acoustics in this enclosed space is great), and all the dancing.