/ / Square. Francis: photo, description, Place Saint-Francois)

Square. Francis: photo, description, Place Saint-Francois)

The square of St. Francis in Old town is small, but this place has always played an important role in the history of nice. Now place St-Francois is on the verge of big changes.

In the mid-thirteenth century, there appeared a Franciscan monastery. It was a time when the city is existed on a hill under the protection of the castle, began to come down - there, where before it was only the gardens, chapels and windmills. Two monastic orders came to town at the same time - the Dominicans and Franciscans. Dominican order built a monastery to the South - in its place is now the courthouse square, and the Franciscans settled in the North of the present Old city of nice. The Church, an indispensable cloister (closed monastic courtyard arcade on the perimeter of the garden and the cemetery became the center of the quarter for a long time.

In the XVI century the city finally went down, needed a new town hall (still on Castle hill, which created inconvenience). The city Council chose a site near the Franciscan monastery, and in 1580 was built a simple, unadorned building. However, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it began to decorate and rebuild. Doors and stairs designed by architect Marc-Antoine Grigo, and the facade worked Ignazio di Agliardi, Tavigliano. The structure still looks quite modest for a town hall, but some interesting details - for example, the grotesque face on the pediments of the second floor Windows on the side: one laughs, the other grinning.

In 1792 the troops of the First French Republic, which occupied nice, had severely damaged the Palace and the Franciscan monks were exiled. The monastery up to the present day have not survived. From former greatness left degraded town hall (now a labour exchange), arcade, bell tower of the monastery Church (yellow with a blue clock tower is visible from afar, get close to it you can street Tour). And, of course, about the past recalls the name of the square.

Locals love the place Saint-françois and frequently visit is the fish market. Every day, except Monday, here early in the morning to sell freshly caught fish. The shelves are arranged around the fountain depicting dolphins with entwined tails. Dolphins, cars and all sitting around the sea gulls making a DIN in the expectation of handouts from vendors.

But from an aesthetic point of view, this is a lively and cheerful place, of course, loses the rest of the Old town. That is why the mayor of nice Christian Estrosi decided to give square a second wind. Begin work on the restoration of the cloister and the Church, the restoration of the town hall Palace (it should open Museum of urban memory). All space lay stone slabs, as is already done with the squares, place Massena and Garibaldi, organize an exhibition hall and entertainment centre for the elderly. It is expected that work will be finished in 2015.

Local residents are worried about the main question, but reassured them - updated the fish market and fountain with dolphins will remain in place.