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Square Saint-Louis: photo, description, Place Saint-Louis)

Square Saint-Louis recently acquired a special status: it is known since the XIV century the place where going to the usurers and money changers in the last century served the usual Parking, and only in 2007 she was in a special position as a historically significant part of the city. Now on the square priority method of transportation is pedestrian and for vehicles introduced a special high-speed mode.

The place Saint Louis in Metz considered the main, it is possible that underneath there is a lot of interesting for historians and archaeologists. Under the assumptions of the researchers of history of the Mets, Piazza is at the place where the fortifications of the Roman town Divodurum even in the third century. The foundations of buildings, which were in this part of Divodurum, the inhabitants of Metz then began to use when building their homes - it happened already after the boundaries of the city became wider and were built new city walls. Built on the ancient foundations can be found at the arched structures remaining from Romans. In addition, in the XIII century in this place began to settle the merchants and money changers, which gradually formed a quarter around the area, and the area became known as the occupation of its inhabitants.

A few centuries later the square was a statue of the king Louis III, who made history that joined the French part of Lorraine. Quite a long time the inhabitants of Metz believed that this statue depicts a different monarch - St. Louis IX who died in Tunis during the next crusade. Because of this error area and became known as Saint-Louis. To resolve it, in the second half of the XIX century, in the beginning of the street Changed, has installed the statue of Saint Louis. Its author is sculptor Charles Peter.

Today, the square Saint-Louis remains a busy shopping place, where you can buy local Souvenirs.