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Place Saint-Nicolas: photo, description, Place Saint-Nicolas)

Inspection Bastia guests of this Corsican town suggest to start from the square of St. Nicholas, which is also waterfront. Its Western side abounds in cafés and restaurants with terraces that offer wonderful views of the sea.

The square was built in the XIX century - the works were commenced in 1834 and continued for another few decades. Before that, there were a vacant lot and the chapel, built in the XI century and inadvertently destroyed during the restoration works in the early nineteenth century. The size of the area was 300 meters long and 90 meters wide, and it is the largest square on the island of Corsica.

Place Saint-Nicolas is located in the Northern part of the city, it is possible to get into the old part of the city of Terra-Vecchia, where preserved house, built by the founders of Bastia - by the Genoese.

On the square itself you can see two of the monument, one of which is dedicated to born in Corsica (but in another city) Napoleon I Bonaparte. It was created by sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini and installed in 1854. It is noteworthy that a marble monument was intended for another city - Italian Livorno, near which on the island of Elba in 1814, Napoleon was serving his first link. The second monument in the square Saint-Nicolas, erected in memory of those killed in the First world war.

St. Nicholas is one of the most visited places of Bastia. On Sundays the square-embankment also turns into a lively market. But it becomes especially crowded on 14 July when residents and guests celebrate the Bastille Day is his non-Russian name, and in France it is formally called a National holiday, which in France is celebrated with fireworks.