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Stanislas square: photos, description (Place Stanislas)

The main square in Nancy - Stanislas square - was originally dedicated to Louis XV, and its center was adorned with a statue of the king. This decoration for Nancy was created in the mid-eighteenth century the last Duke of Lorraine, Stanislaus Leszczynski, former king of Poland and father-in-law of Louis XV.

When selecting a place for construction of the square at the Leszczynski couple of times have been difficult: the first time the place has not approved the military, and the second time defended the merchants of market square. Then the new area decided to build in place of the useless wasteland, and within three years, from 1752 to 1755 years, the construction work was completed.

The project area belonged to the architect Emmanuel de Era Roots. The square is paved with stones and surrounded by an iron gate, and other elements of the decoration of the square (light) by Jean Lamour. In subsequent years around the area were lovely, the surrounding buildings - Bishop's Palace (1758), which now houses the opéra national de Lorraine, medical College (now in the Museum of fine arts), the building of the town hall. Also in honor of king Louis XV in the square was erected a triumphal arch is a structure with three archways decorated with bas-reliefs. Two fountain "Neptune and Amphitrite" was created for the ensemble of the square, the sculptor Barthelemy Gubal.

During the great French revolution and after it, the area has undergone several changes and renaming. Thus, the revolutionaries had destroyed a bronze statue of Louis XV, the square was named folk. Instead of the king in the center of the square there is a sculptural allegory "Victory", but also stood for long - it was replaced by the figure of Napoleon, accordingly, changed the name. Only in the first half of the nineteenth century, the area was named after the last Duke, and in its center was placed a bust of Stanislaw Leszczynski.

Since 1983 place Stanislas declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. In the beginning of this century has undergone restoration. The square is located between two squares - the Alliance and the Arena, which forms a single ensemble.