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Trocadero: photo, description, Place du trocadéro-et-du-11-Novembre)

Trocadero is named for the hill on top of which it is located. In the title there's Spanish, and it is on the map of Paris, this toponym appeared in honor of the victory of the French expeditionary corps at Spanish Fort Trocadero near Cadiz in 1823.

The square is the huge Palais de Chaillot, built in 1937 for the next world's fair. In the Palace are the Museum of man, national Maritime Museum and the Museum of French monumental art, and national theatre of Chaillot. In the center of the square stands the equestrian statue of Marshal Foch - the hero of the First world. In the South-West of the Trocadero, Passy cemetery is adjacent.

The cemetery is unusual: arranged on the principle of the hanging gardens and towers above the square. It is quite small, here only two and a half thousand graves. But the names carved on the gravestones, are the pride and glory of France. Here are Manet, Debussy, Fernandel, descendants of Talleyrand. Here are buried members of the Romanov family. Near the street of Georges Mandel, the area beyond the cemetery wall, decorated with bas-reliefs with images of the exploits of French soldiers on the battlefields of the First world war.

The complex includes the gardens of trocadéro ledges sloping down to the Seine. Here is a long pool, the largest in Paris, a 50-metre fountains. The water cascade which is decorated with magnificent sculptures - marble "Man" and "Woman", gold "Bull and deer," "Horse and dog".

From Trocadero, the rays of a quiet street lined with expensive mansions. Many of the buildings here built by one of the founders of the art Nouveau style by Hector Guimard. This is one of the most prestigious areas of Paris. Restaurants are expensive on the streets is almost exclusively French speaking. Nearby are the museums of Claude Monet, Asian art, contemporary art, and sports.

A striking view of the square opens with the Eiffel tower. Exquisite trocadéro visible in the background of the ultramodern district of La défense is a few kilometers away.