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Area Hours: photo, description, Place de l'horloge)

Clock tower in Avignon called the heart of the city. The place de l'horloge is in a historical part of the city and has existed since antiquity. During the reign of the Romans in this place was the forum, in the Middle ages it was a market square, and in the years of the French revolution became a place of public executions.

The name of the area received due to the astronomical clock, which in the Middle ages was placed on the tower of Jacquemart XV century. The tower is a complex of city hall (town hall of the XIX century, built to replace the town hall of the XV century), and the clock is notable for the moving figures on the dial and a melodious bell, which rings every hour.

Currently in the square are cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces. Nearby is the theater building of the XIX century. Colorful attribute of the clock square is a carousel with horses, which always attracts children's attention. Square Hours for their performances was chosen by street performers - musicians, jugglers, clowns.

Every year in July, Avignon becomes host to Europe's oldest theatre festival, which was founded by Jean Vilar, an actor and Director, who founded Marseilles national folk theatre. The festival is held since 1947. In the days of the festival stages under the open sky become the town squares, including Place de l'horloge. However, the main stage of the festival is the courtyard of the papal Palace, built in the XIV century, this place is recognized as one of the most prestigious European theatre venues.

That Avignon has ever been visited by many celebrities, according to the surrounding area of the clock square - the Windows of the houses on adjacent streets Moliere, Corneille and Mont painted their fun portraits.

In winter, the clock square is the venue for the Christmas fair.