/ / Deauville beach: photos, description (Plage de Deauville)

Deauville beach: photos, description (Plage de Deauville)

The boardwalk and the beach town of Deauville - place, perhaps, as "star", as the famous Deauville casino. And the beach and casino are considered the symbol of the resort and have been and remain places of attraction of the "stars" who come here on vacation and during various festivals, cinematic, musical, card, automotive and other.

The most famous of these events is the annual festival of American cinema, during which there have visited all the most popular celebrities. In the history of cinema Deauville beach went through the movie of Claude Lelouch "a man and a woman," which was filmed in this town.

Along the beach there are wooden cabins for changing clothes and storage of beach accessories. Mentioned on them the names of to inform beach visitors about what the "stars" of their rented - among them you can see the names of Rita Hayworth, Timothy Dalton, Omar Sharif, Elizabeth Taylor and many others.

The Deauville promenade is a wide, paved with wood pavement on the beach, created especially for walking in this place. It's called Le Planches. From the history of the Deauville beach know that he was not sandy, and the sand was deposited by wind during storms. As easily the wind can blow sand from the beach, so in winter beach easy build a low fence, which prevents this.

It is worth noting that the Deauville beach played a role in the transformation of a modest, quiet town into a luxury resort. When the Deauville in the middle of the nineteenth century was visited by the Duke Charles de Morny, he was charmed by not only the local gardens and quiet streets, but the beach, which was at that time quite deserted.

Deauville beach goes to the beach in the neighbouring resort of Trouville, there is also a wooden boardwalk, which is slightly narrower than the Deauville.